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Sons of Armageddon

Trumpet-driven acid jazz and loose-limbed reggae tempos dominate the followup to Sons of Armageddon's funky self-titled debut, which utilized no less than nine players from various local outfits -- including the Psychodelic Zombies, Groove Kitchen and the Emergency Broadcast Players. Whittled down to five this go-round (with its core of electronic wizards -- Mark Prather, Lewis "Glewlio" Keller and bassist Tim Hochman -- intact), the Sons redirect their instrumental focus toward highly textured, computer-generated soundscapes. Weaving theremins, turntables, melodica, foreign radio chatter and even a kid's Speak & Spell into the mix, Prather and company never skimp on psychedelics. Amid the mind-expanding sonic workouts are an ominous, slow-boiling sound poem ("E.S. Smothered"), along with cerebral meditations on Jamaican sci-fi and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation ("Dubya," "A Thousand Kisses Deep Dub"). Hear the spacious and seamless results for yourself when the Sons host a CD-release show Friday, August 27, at Dazzle.
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John La Briola