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Sounds Like Fun!

Linda Roby was on a six-hour journey through the mountains, daydreaming, when an idea hit her: She envisioned models strutting down a catwalk with dancers gliding around them and a DJ spinning funky beats, all to inspire positive change. Move, Sunday, August 6, at the Roxy, finds Robys dreams becoming reality. A benefit for The Spot -- an organization that offers GED and computer training for at-risk youth and also serves as a facility for dance, photography and audio recording -- Move promises to be a tad more chic than your average charitable event. Exhibitions of local art and food will be followed by a fashion show, which will include members of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Training Group. DJ Q-burns, a remix artist who has toured with the Chemical Brothers and Gus Gus, will close out the night with futuristic sounds. I want people to come away with the feeling that they can get involved with their community and improve it,: Roby says. They might also leave with some ideas on how to improve their wardrobes.
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Vaishalee Mishra