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While working in an improv group, D.J. Yazzie observed a fellow player making a strange face every time she drew a blank on stage: She looked, he decided, like an undead jugfish. With this image etched in his mind, Yazzie named his new improv group Undead Jugfish, a titular reminder of what he and the other players never wanted to look like when on stage. Yazzies improv sketch comedy team has a lot more to offer than its quirky name, however. Every Wednesday evening at the Denver Civic Theatre, the fish perform Hollywood Attacks, an act that pokes fun at the movie industry. The players ask audience members to list different types of movies along with twenty typical characteristics of that genre; the team then incorporates the suggestions into one story. The Undead ones rely on their wits rather than scripts -- a talent that immediately sets them apart from most of the Hollywood types they satirize. Expect to get reeled in.
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Vaishalee Mishra