SP Double released from Digital Dollar, back in Denver with a new plan and completed album

When SP Double signed with Digital Dollar, a record label run by Brian Hutcheson out of Orlando, Florida, it appeared as though he was gone for good. SP moved his whole operation out to the Sunshine State, and got right to work, perfecting tracks for his new album, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, and flexed his skills with fellow Coloradan FOE on the track "Walk On By," featuring then-labelmate Raheem Malik (listen after the jump).

That was just two months ago, and SP has since been released from his contract, and is now back in Denver with a new plan, a complete album and even more love for his home turf. We caught up with SP to get the details of the split and to take a listen to the exclusive track "Walk On By."

Westword (Ru Johnson): You are still financially backed by Digital Dollar, although you are no longer technically on the label. Why you are no longer signed?

SP Double: Timing was the issue more than anything. Unfortunately out schedules didn't exactly match up, and it wasn't working like we wanted it to. However Digital Dollar is a great company that has kept their word, and continues to support my movement. My family is stable now, and that has always been the most important thing to me, so I consider it all a blessing.

Ww: Does it work to your advantage to be back on your home turf?

SP: My album, Loyalty, Honor, Respect, is complete. In addition to my investments in CO, I'm approaching tour, and want to set my family up for my absence, so I brought them home. I'm set up to make the same moves from my home turf I can make anywhere, so this is a win situation.

Ww: Now that you've been outside "The Box," what are the differences in the dynamics of the music scenes?

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SP: From Detroit to NYC to Florida, people respect good music. There is no fear of someone else making it before you, or that redundant mind state of being "the first to blow."

Ww: What are the specifics of your tour? Is Denver's Catch Lungs still involved?

SP: Catch Lungs and I are doing one show together in New York City, with Cormega, AZ, Willie the Kid and LA the Darkman, that I set up with my team out there, along with our mutual management. That should be epic. As far as the tour, I'm "tail ending" a few major tours through the U.S. with Mobb Deep, and Europe with MOP and Terminology, along with DJ Damage.

Ww: In what ways do you still plan to collaborate with Digital Dollar?

SP: We made a lot of music together in my short time there, so I'm pretty sure it will be released. You will see our names together soon on other business ventures for sure. I will always be here for advice, and mutual support. We still speak daily.

Ww: Who are you working with in CO right now?

SP: I'm working on the "SP Presents: This is CO" series with EPs produced, mixed and mastered by me, from Dent and Spoke In Wordz to drop first, and a few others in the works like, "The Black and Brown Tape" with Mr. Midas.

Ww: You mentioned that everything is good with the label. In your experience, is there any truth to the hip-hop rule number 4080?

SP: Yes and no! I was expecting to release my LP with the label. That isn't happening, but they cut a check which was more than fair, paid off all album costs and open deals, released my masters, plus took care of the majority of the album budget already contracted. I can't complain.

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