St. Elias flier has us hungry like the wolf for the release show

This week's flier caught our eye a few days ago, since the main image of it is Adam Reker's cover art for the new St. Elias CD

Altered Beast


It's a CD cover! It's a flier! And if you go to the CD release show this Friday at the hi-dive you can get a free print of it with purchase of the disc or T-shirt, or just give them $5 for the print if you don't like to wear clothing or own shiny pieces of plastic.

Anyway, this flier is all about the image -- it's just badass. It couldn't be any cooler even if it had two more wolves and a moon on it, and that's saying something. Whoever laid the poster out wisely just let the image dominate.

The text box at the bottom could be integrated better, but let's not nitpick here -- it gets the job done and it stays the hell out of the way of the forest-elemental wolf-beast. Which is a good idea -- that thing will eat you if you're not careful.

A few final thoughts: We kind of like the font the Ideal Fathers used here -- they might consider it as their new default logo font. On the other hand, Accordion Crimes needs to forget that they ever used that Blade Runner font... it doesn't suit them at all.

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