Stolen gear brings Hideous Men back to the basics for new album due out in March

When Hideous Men had its van broken into last summer, the husband-and-wife duo was forced to re-evaluate how they made music. Along with losing equipment, they lost several new songs that were on their MacBook, which was stolen. Almost six months later, the two are still making music.

"It's been a big process, post-theft," beatmaker Ryan McRyhew says of writing songs for the album, which is due out in March. "[It] has both forced and freed us to be more creative, in some ways."

Trading in drum-machine samples for live recordings of the drums co-music-maker Kristi Schaefer brought back from Africa a few years ago, Hideous Men maintains its glitchy sound, but with some organic bits woven in between. Schaefer will also bring the melody to the forefront of the band's sound collages with her voice, as opposed to the synth-heavy style of past recordings.

A taste of Hideous Men's evolution can be heard on the free compilation we told you about earlier this week, released through the duo's label, Laser Palace. The band is also planning a tour with Milton Melvin Croissant III and Phonebooks that correlate with the album's release.

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