Reader: Hey, Snobs, Quit Complaining About Stoned Musicians

Westword's Ana Campbell was outraged after attending a concert at a well-known country venue and seeing a performer who seemed drugged out of his mind. So she composed a letter to out-of-town musicians playing Denver, asking them to get their act together and stop performing stoned. Campbell wrote:

...if you're a musician or comedian who people are paying to see, there is no excuse for getting too high. You have an obligation as a performer to give me my money's worth and not eat so many edibles that you can't string a cohesive sentence together. 

The response from readers was fast and furious, outraged that she'd assumed a performer was on drugs. Writes Drew:

Please stop trying to sound like bitchfork. It Is not cute. Also, the experience is what you make of it.

It's also extremely difficult for bands to play at high altitude if they're not used to it. Assuming that all bands are stoned when they play Denver is ridiculous.

If I went to a pop country show I'd probably want to get high too lol

Says Andrew:

Quit bitch moaning and complaining, you snob. An artist owes you NOTHING, no matter how much you pay. If you don't like what someone does on stage, stick to your headphones. Also, what Adrell Gibson said.

You're not their mom. They don't live here (AKA give them their time to figure it out just as you say we all have).

What do you think about performers playing stoned in Denver?

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