Sub.mission Teams Up With Deep Medi to Celebrate Nine Years of Heavy Bass

Local dubstep promotion team Sub.mission has seen no shortage of success over the past few years, as it has signed artists, brought international acts to Denver and helped to define the thriving dubstep scene in the city today. This year, Sub.mission celebrates its ninth anniversary with a party and show at Fusion Factory, 3563 Walnut Street. 

In addition to the location, the team behind Sub.mission is excited about spending its anniversary with a brand-new sound system, and once again with renowned London-based dubstep label Deep Medi artists Mala, Kahn, Neek and Gorgon Sound. 

"It has become a sort of tradition to spend our anniversaries with the Deep Medi family," Nicole Cacciavillano, CEO of Sub.mission, says. "They are such a huge inspiration to me musically that it only makes sense that it's how we start the new year. This year is their ten-year anniversary tour, so it's going to be a party."

"Deep Medi 10 meets Sub.Mission 9 is a perfect link-up," adds Mala, head of Deep Medi and headlining artist of the tour and show. "I’ve known Nicole for years now, and she always throws great parties. She’s cares about the sound and the authenticity of the music. Attention to details is what makes the difference. I'm looking forward to the celebration."

The pairing is fitting, as the two organizations have been working alongside each other since the beginning. The energy that Deep Medi bring to its recordings and show mirrors the energy of a Sub.mission lineup, since both focus on a deep and dark sound that, as Sub.mission's motto goes, "moves people through sound, not hype."

In order to preserve the integrity of this signature low-end sound, Sub.mission is bringing its personal sound system, the Basscouch stack, to Fusion Factory. The system has previously only been inside warehouses, never used in an official venue, and the combination of proper insulation and a skull-crushing sound system promises to make for an overwhelming sonic experience. The Basscouch speakers are so powerful that they actually create a breeze for those in the front row, and are specially designed to handle the tremendous amount of bass at Sub.mission shows. 

As the date gets closer, Cacciavillano waxes poetic about the experiences Sub.mission has had over the years. "It's crazy to think of everything that has happened — all the DJs and producers we debuted in Denver, the people we have been able to expose to the culture and foundation of the sound and, most important, the scene we single-handedly built through music, not hype," she says. "I got into 'promoting' because it was the only way to see the music we wanted to see in Denver. That mission has never changed."
"We started the local scene," she adds. "Bottom line, the industry has landed and shit changed, but one thing that hasn't is the vibe at a Sub.mission show. We keep it real one hundred percent of the time, and that's never going to change. We are about the music, the vibe and creating experiences that are life-changing."

Sub.mission's Nine-Year Anniversary Party happens this Saturday, April 9, at Fusion Factory.
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Addison is a Denver-based writer specializing in metal, dubstep, cannabis and LGBTQ issues. She also contributes to OUT FRONT, CULTURE and New Noise magazines. Addison is author of Wicked Woman: Women in Metal from the1960s to Now.