Sub.Mission's Dayquill drops a double dose of dubstep goodness

Is your MP3 player suffering from chills, a hacking cough and a distinct lack of new, bass-heavy dance music? Might we suggest a healthy double dose of Dayquill to cure what ails it?

Now, before you go cracking a couple of liquigels into your iPod, let us clarify that we're talking about local dubstep DJ Dayquill, and not about the daytime formulation of everyone's favorite cold nostrum.

Dayquill has recently presented the interwebz with not one, but two totally free downloadable mixes, and we've been enjoying them for the past couple of days, so we thought it was time we shared them with you.

The first, older set is the cleverly named August Mix Final (yes, we know it's September, but it just went up a little over a week ago). It features some solid tracks from dubstep heavyweights such as Skream and Rusko, plus some nice mixes of tracks from Fever Ray and the Prodigy.

Currently, we're leaning a little more toward the newer mix, If You Can't Stand the Heat..., since it spends more time in that crazy, harsh soundscape that always reminds us of what Terminators must listen to while exterminating the last remnants of humanity. It also has a track from Filth Collins, which may be the best nom de tune we've heard all year, and a sweet dubstep remix of the iconic Underworld track "Born Slippy" played back to back.

You can listen to and download either mix via the embedded player below or jump directly to the mixes via the links above. You can also swing by Dayquill's SoundCloud page to find them both, look for future releases and let him know what you think of the offerings. And remember -- starve a fever, feed a cold a healthy dose of dubstep.

Latest tracks by Dayquill

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