SubSynthesis/GlitchDrop release new comp

There's no denying that electronic music is particularly glitch- and dub-heavy these days -- and, in an announcement that will no doubt thrill fans of that sound, SubSynthesis and GlitchDrop have released a new compilation album, Bass From Above - Vol. 1.

On the compilation, you'll find exclusive original tracks by an array of artists; the goal here is to help create "a continuous series of releases designed to garner exposure for many of the industry's greatest up-and-coming artist," notes Ethan Baer of SubSynthesis. "By releasing volumes of exclusive original tracks, all of the participating artists become members of an ongoing cross-promotional entity designed to increase exposure far beyond the fan bass of any individual artist."

The comp is posted for free on Bandcamp, as well as a few other outlets, and Baer promises any donations will be used to promote future releases; no profits will be earned by SubSynthesis or Glitch Drop. The artists appearing on Bass From Above, in no particular order:

Protohype Billy Blacklight Omega GriZ (GK) Gladkill Freddy Todd The Candyman Elfkowitz Stephan Jacobs Frequent-C Slim Thugz (Frequent-C + The Candyman) Unlimited Gravity Project Aspect Mimi Page Sugarpill Cloud-D Wyatt Lamond Robotic Pirate Monkeys iONik Pairadimez (iONik + r.e.g.)

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