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An epic sound somewhere between a jet taking off and the THX theme might be a tad dramatic as far as album openers go, but when SuperSeed blasts off into a blistering blues lick over a driving hi-hat beat on "Dreams," the first track off its latest, self-titled EP, you will know that it's justified. Harking back to the mid-'70s, when long-maned, guitar-wielding gods like Peter Frampton and Joe Walsh ruled the airwaves, the EP would not sound out of place in the classic-rock annals. The elements of that sound are all there, from the "Free Bird" guitar solos to the Billy Joel-esque ivory-tickling flourishes. And when the band gets sentimental in "The Cheater" — the requisite piano-laden power ballad — it pins its heart to its leather-vested lapel.

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Jef Otte
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