Support DJ Cavem on his Bold Food Initiative travels to Africa

DJ Cavem, the local O.G. (organic gardener), has been literally feeding the community through events geared toward the "green" movement for years. Using a hip-hop agenda (even rocking with a children's choir), Cavem has broadened his audience to include discussions that involve enhancing the community through the one thing that binds us all: food. Now headed to Africa to continue the movement as a Bold Fellow, the MC is holding a fundraiser this afternoon on the Auraria campus from noon until 4 p.m., with performances galore.

Part of his Roots, Beans and Greens, No Beef tour, today's event will also feature a screening of Cavem's new video for "Let It Grow," from his latest album, The Produce Section, on the hour beginning at noon. He will be joined by Molina Speaks, Mike Wird, Big Wheel and Panama Soweto for an afternoon of workshops on everything from alternative agriculture to music and more.

As a community advocate for organic gardening and local food growth, Cavem will travel to Africa to continue the dialogue about bold food and the social, economic and political aspects of food security. Today's fundraiser will be held at St. Cajetan's on the Auraria campus; there is a $3 suggested donation. An after-party will be held at Green Spaces from 6 to 10 p.m. Music and local drinks will be provided, and patrons are asked to bring their own cups. Peep "Let it Grow," directed by Thomas "Detour" Evans, below.

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