Surfacing: An all-ages evening of awesomeness

To call Surfacing just a rock show doesn't really do it justice; it's a showcase of a variety of Denver's talents all in one place. How do we know? Well, just look at this flier. It's got a price for food on it! We're pretty sure it's the first time we've ever seen food and rock bands listed on the same sheet of paper. That's not all, though. Denver's best publishers, crafters and zinesters will all be at the Mercury Cafe selling their wares, too.

The night's got a pretty kick-ass lineup, too, and we're thankful that whoever designed the flier had the foresight to keep the band names big and the graphic small. Even so, the graphic makes sense in relation to who is playing. We get a quirky little paper-folding picture deal highlighting five quirky bands. It all works well together, which is why we love this damn flier.

So if you don't have much going on tonight and want to hear some slightly avant-garde pop, dub and noise while eating tacos and reading zines, this flier says you have a place to be that isn't in your basement curled up in a ball on the floor.

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Thorin Klosowski
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