Surround yourself with the Normal Ones

If you don't already have plans for Friday -- or if those plans were to catch some of the last First Friday goodness of the year -- here's an intriguing option for you. The Normal Ones, an excellent act that combines elements of ambient, old-school IDM like Orbital, threads of industrial and the odd torch-song vocal are playing at Theory + Practice, 738 Santa Fe Drive. In addition to an unusual blend of influences in their music, the Ones also utilize a unique six-channel surround sound setup that literally encompasses you in the music.

Here's how they explain it:

Our performance includes live mixing, live sound shaping with effects, live vocals, live panning and improvisational placement of sounds in the surround field. Although the center of the room certainly is the meeting place of sound projected by all of the speakers, aka the "sweet spot," with immersive audio environments the whole room becomes a sweet spot that one can move around freely in without losing clarity, dimension, and spatial continuity. Listeners often experience surround sound as an audio sculpture. Shifting position in the surround field of the "audio sculpture" one can achieve different perspectives on the mix. This comes through even outside the speaker field.

It should be quite a different experience than the usual two-channel/stage-centric mix at most shows. Audiophiles, electronic music enthusiasts with a taste for the experimental and bands looking for a different approach to mixing should all find something worthwhile here. Also on the bill are Equulei, Ten & Tracer and Papyrus, all of whom will also be using the Normal Ones six-channel PA setup. It's all free and the show itself is actually an art opening for Nicholas Baldridge, Janet Guenther and Mad King.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.