SXSW: Bringing the Mile High life to Texas

South By Southwest is the place where you can run into damn near every artist under the sun doing their thing across these here United States all within a week. There are tons of performances, copious amounts of booze and good vibes aplenty. Austin has everything you can imagine to ensure the grandest of times. One thing we were wondering, though, particularly since this is the Mile High City, what about the kind bud? We chopped it up with several artists, who each took different modes of transportation to SXSW, and we put this question to them. The answers are hilarious.

From one MJ loving cat who took a flight down to Texas: "I stuffed weed in black and milds. My pills were mixed in with my vitamins. [stricken] also brought some down by car."

This same MC, who carried the goods across state line for the above mentioned artist had this to say: "I wrapped it in my jeans and didn't say shit to nobody until we arrived."

Still others went a more conventional way: "This one goes out to all my next day air shippers. I don't bring my party favors. They are waiting for me when I arrive. Also, [stricken] gave an ounce to [stricken] to bring down on his van trip."

Another caravan of musicians took an entirely different approach: "We had some in the car and much more in our bags...on the roof of the car. Puff."

A gathering of folks who went down with this particular group of ruffians got really technical by evidently "sealing all the drugs in beer cans."

Still another group decided to drive "with all our drugs in the car. Only weed, though."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.