SXSW Travelogue: Air Dubai engages in water gun fight and plays its first showcase

Saturday, March 19 (or Friday, March 18 -- since the night just isn't over)

Let me first start today's travelogue by saying how amazing a time it has been here in Texas. It's 4 a.m. currently (technically, still the night of Friday the 18th, but whatev), and I am writing from our hotel room in North Austin, a couple hours after our first ever showcase at SXSW!!!

Friday started off like any other morning for us, me waking up at like 6 a.m. and everyone else still asleep. So to pass the time, I watched Chappelle Show until everyone woke up and was ready to go at around 11 or 12.

Parking downtown -- and driving, for that matter -- is crazy ridiculous. So after having a Air DuDance party to Britney Spears' song "Toxic," we packed all the equipment in the Fajita and crammed the rest of us in Pedro Neg's and made our way into another day of SXSW madness.

We got the day started with breakfast at some party outside of the downtown area that was serving tasty free tacos and drinks. After hanging out and eating, we rushed back downtown to find some parking spots close to our venue and within walking distance. Long story short, we found neither.

After FINALLY parking and trekking the long hot ass journey from Egypt to Sixth Street, we finally made it and was surprised (but kinda grateful) for a water gun fight that was taking place right in the middle of the street. I, of course, grabbed a water gun and took part (busted caps in some people's asses) for a while, just long enough to cool off in the sun.

Later that day, we saw our bud's Brandon and Nick from My Body Sings Electric and the kid's from Wheelchair Sports Camp and hung out on the corner talking with them for a while. The guys from The Chain Gang of 1974 played a show at a bar called the Thirsty Nickel, so most of us stood inside watching them throw down for their set.

For the band, this was one of the day's when we really didn't stay together much. Julian and Taylor wandered off and saw Miami Horror, Chromeo and some other bands, while Wes, Lawrence, Nick, Michael and I stayed mostly in the same area downtown.

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We had a lot of stuff on our plate today regarding networking and meeting people, so time management was definitely an important tip of the day. OFWGKTA was playing like ten minutes walking distance from where we were on Sixth, but even though I rushed over to try and catch them, our time restraints didn't allow for it.

By 8:30 that night, we were all set up at Peckerheads and ready to play. The showcase we were taking part of was the Illegal Pete's Showcase, featuring a ton of other Denver bands including the Epilogues, the Heyday, the Photo Atlas, Take To The Oars, us, the Knew and more.

By the time we started, even though there was a few delays, the energy in the room was great, the room was packed (and soooo hot), and the crowd was active (which always makes for an amazing set). All in all, It felt incredible playing a show with all our buddies and, most importantly, having such a great time playing our first show in Austin!

All week, various Denverites will be checking in from Austin with travelogues about their trip to SXSW this year. Read the various exploits of Brian Frederick, The Epilogues, A. Tom Collins, Danielle Ate the Sandwich, the Photo Atlas, Air Dubai, Take to the Oars and Wheelchair Sports Camp.

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