SXSW Travelogue: Danielle Ate the Sandwich checks from the road in route to Austin

Thursday, March 18

Uh, hey. It's Danielle Ate the Sandwich. I've been on the road and away from home a couple of days now, and am officially one hour from Austin and ready to go. Today, I play at Bar 512 for the Spokesbuzz Showcase. I'm excited to play with a lot of great bands from Fort Collins and show the city what we're made of. I'm also excited to see how sweaty I get -- it's freaking hot down here!

The journey to get here was long and uneventful. I travel light in a Pontiac Vibe, and I am making this trip on my own. So it's just me and the open road... and the Justin Bieber cardboard cutout I have resting in my passenger seat. (Car pool lane, anybody?)

I left my apartment in Loveland on Wednesday morning. Along the way I stopped for an exotic southern Colorado delicacy (Sonic) and sang along to bad radio songs and occasionally my iPod on shuffle. I find it necessary to switch between the radio, over which I have no control and my selection of songs, of which I have too much control.

I switch songs to often and end up not really listening to anything and then get bored of the music I claim to love. Know what I mean? Chris McGarry's song 'Brooklyn Bound' was a nice compliment to the hills and trees of New Mexico.

Seven hours later, I stopped to play a concert at a pizza place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a room full of ears, young and old. Some of them knew my songs and made me feel more famous than any non-pizza place venue ever could. I left Santa Fe with a few bucks and a free pizza (score!).

This morning I left my hotel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, and drove the nine hours to get to Temple, Texas, which is where I'm staying, as all the hotels in and around Austin are booked and the best I could get was one hour away. I'm not complaining, though. There's a Chili's nearby!

Along the way, I saw such notable landmarks as Billy the Kid's gravesite, and drove through Littlefield, Texas, the home of Waylon Jennings. I didn't stop at either, because they didn't have wireless internet.

My GPS lead me down various highways, with small towns few and far between. These quiet roads, spotted with broken down homes and farms, backed by expansive plains, made me think of all the horror movies I had ever seen, and so I only stopped once to pee and get gas.

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Kanye West's "Monster" sounded pretty good today. Listening to rap music makes me feel like a badass, especially when I'm in the Lone Star State. Otem Rellik's song "Empty Coffins" was also sounding very good on the hot Texas highway.

I'm surprised how many people in Texas are actually wearing cowboy hats!

Total number of buildings I saw that were painted pink: 3

Interesting Roadkill: Lots of skunks, a couple of dogs (sad) and one of what looked like a badger (cool)

Run-ins with high profile drug cartels: 0

Nostalgic '90s throwback jams I heard on the radio: "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers, "Run Around" by Blues Traveler (I wonder which one I know more words to.)

I didn't get arrested for drugs or anything -- bummer! I'll give it my best shot tomorrow. There's still time. Say, does any body have any paraphernalia I can hold for them?

Sincerely Blogged, Danielle

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