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Sydney Blu at Beta

Female DJs and producers are always accused of getting ahead on their looks. For a lot of them, there's a grain of truth to that. But let's get something straight: You'd like Miami-based Sydney Blu even if she were a 350-pound man with skin problems and a bad comb-over. It doesn't hurt that she is super-gorgeous, but what really matters is that her pumping, electro-inflected progressive house is pretty goddamn gorgeous in its own right. On tracks such as "Panic Attack," "Give It Up for Me" and "Instinct," she's shown that she can hang with the boys in the studio, and she's racked up enough residencies and headlining slots at some of the world's premier dance destinations to earn her stripes behind the decks as well. Catch her this Saturday, July 31, in her second-ever appearance at Beta.

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