Take a dubstep-powered space journey with Zeno's Cosmic

On his latest release Cosmic, local producer/DJ Zeno fuses the spacey, out-of-this-world ambiance of "cosmic music" with the gritty, bass-heavy rumblings of dubstep to excellent effect. The nine-track album (six originals, three remixes) is available for free, meaning if you you've been curious about Zeno, or just looking for some new tunes, today is your lucky day.

The album opens with "Cosmic Journey," the appropriately named quasi-title track. It kicks off the album with a run of arpeggiated synths and Carl Sagan samples (well, we think it's Sagan) that quickly wraps itself around a more familiar dubstep beat-and-squelch skeleton. It's a great opening that sets the stage beautifully for what's to come.

From there, things go dark and menacing with "Clish" (followed a Widdler remix of the same track) then dive into some deep reggae/dub influenced territory with the MC Zulu collaboration "DJ Machine." That's followed by "Galactic Planet Rocker," which sounds like Booka Shade gone dubstep. The next track, "Modular," is the early favorite thanks to the huge, sweeping, irresistible synth riff that drives the tune. The disc closes with three takes on "Shades of Yellow," the original and two mixes from Huron.

It's a great introduction to an excellent local artist and, as mentioned, it's free. You can grab it free from its page on Zeno's website. While you're at it, you can also grab one of his also-free DJ mixes, including his excellent Amnesia studio mix from last August.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.