Take a sneak peek at the cover art for the Swayback's new record, Double Four Time

A couple of months ago, you might remember us saying something about the


dudes getting a new drummer and having finished their new record. At the time, we shared a track with you from the forthcoming platter (due out on

March 3 at the hi-dive with Hearts of Space and the Baltic

), but the band was still working out the artwork and deciding on a name. Well, that's all since been firmed up, and we now have a sneak peek of the cover art for

Double Four Time

, as the record's been christened, illustrated by Backbeat's own

Noah Van Sciver

and colorized by Swayback frontman (and graphics guru)

Eric Halborg

. Page down to have a look.

From Eric Halborg:

"Noah hit me with a black and white line drawing a few months back, and I spent the last week coloring it in. Was pretty awesome coloring a comic illustration; had never done that, and I have been into comics since I was a wee mite. I was looking at Love and Rockets and 8 Ball comics as reference, and then added some of the textural weirdness that I do. I asked Noah to draw a mythological blues club called the "Double Four Time," with people dancing in the streets outside the club. That song is about having a place to cut loose, leave worries/self perception behind...that place being the Double Four Time."

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