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Tangible Stereo

The urge to release must be mighty, but Tangible Stereo isn't doing itself any favors. True, you can't sell product if you don't have product, but when your product is as shoddy as this one — a beat-up CDR with the group's name scrawled in Sharpie, in an ugly-ass, brown-paper-bag package — who's going to buy it? Worse, the track listing bears no relation to the music on the disc; the number of tracks and the run times are both wrong. The music itself? Well, it's a muddy, hissy live recording in front of a tiny audience. But the weird, psychedelic freakout jams reminiscent of a less proggy Mars Volta, complete with wailing, warbling vocals? That was kind of cool. The act should try harder next time. A lot harder.

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