Ten best KISS quotes from last night at Comfort Dental Amphitheatre

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KISS, who performed last night at the Comfort Dental Amphitheatre, is not a band known for subtlety. So when the members speak on stage, you know that something other than idle chat will be pounding from the amps. Herewith, we present the ten best KISS quotes of the night, straight from the lips of Paul Stanley and his mates.

10. Paul Stanley, getting the audience lathered up for "Firehouse":

"WAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!.... I've got a feelin'! If y'all loosen up just a little bit, we're gonna get this place so hot, we're gonna have to call out... the firehouse!"

09. Stanley, namedropping McNichols Arena (demolished in 2000) and priming the audience for his swooping-over-the-crowd bit:

"Good people of Denvah! Every time we come to visit y'all, I start to think, 'It's great up here,' but, you know people, we've been coming here so long, I remember McNichols Arena. So on a night like this, I see faces I know, and I wanna come out there and see ya! But y'all gotta invite me. I ain't going nowhere unless you tell me you want me to. So here's what we're gonna do. I got a sound meter. It's gonna let me know how loud you are. It's gonna let you know how loud you are, too...." Pointing to the fake sound meter on stage, he says, "If you can get those needles to go all the way into the red, I'll come out there and see ya." Lo and behold, the trick works!

08: Stanley referencing the Aurora tragedy while letting folks know his views on capital punishment:

"You know, you had a tragedy here in Aurora, and it's up to all of you people to take care of your own. We're making our contribution. You gotta go to givingfirst.org and help out all those people who lost loved ones to a maniac, who I'd be proud to pull the switch on. No mercy! No mercy... This afternoon we got together with Motley and gave $100,000. So God bless all those people and bless all y'all. This one's called 'War Machine!!!'"

07. Stanley acknowledging KISS's past glory years and introducing Ace Frehley replacement Tommy Thayer:

"I got something for everybody here. People in the back, how we doing?!?! My wild animals up front, how we doing?!?! Awesome, awesome. We're gonna do one that goes back a-ways. Y'all like the old school, don't you? Tommy's gonna sing this one; it's called 'Shock Me!!'"

06: Stanley introducing perhaps the only song the entire audience did not sing along with:

"We got a new album coming out in October. The album is called Monster. Here's a song that's out right now. A matter of fact -- I bought it today on iTunes. The song is called 'Hell or Hallelujah!'"

05: Peter Criss replacement, Eric Singer, blowing up the stage rigging:

"I said DENVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! Are! You! With! Me?!?! Alright, check this out!" Singer reveals a bazooka from behind the drum riser, and "shoots" out some of the stage lights.

04: Stanley, again, pumping up the crowd:

"Last show we were in Albuquerque. Before that we were in Dallas, Houston... tonight, Denvah! It's your turn to represent. Tonight, Denver KISS Army, you got to give it your all, so that when we leave tomorrow, we will still be hearing you!"

03. Stanley, leading the audience by telling them not to be follow leaders. Oh the irony:

"Don't worry if the person next to you is gonna be singing or not. Tonight's about leaders. Tonight's not about followers. Y'all the KISS Army, and I expect y'all to represent."

02. Stanley, on his nonconformist kick:

"There's a curfew. Oh! We don't wanna listen to the curfew. We gotta beat this curfew. They're telling us we can't play, and we say, 'We'll take our chances.'"

01. Stanley waxing vaguely philosophical:

"You know, you know about bad news. There's always bad news. We gotta respect it, and we gotta think about it, and we gotta try and change things. But in the midst of all the bad things in the world, everybody's entitled to take a little break once in a while... It's okay to have a good time, and, no matter what's going on, be good to yourself and think about, you know, tonight... I wanna rock n' roll all night and party every day!"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.