Ten great #WMS tweets from Westword Music Showcase 2012

Westword Music Showcase 2012 was a long, sweaty day of awesome music, people and partying. Endangering the battery life of their cellphones under the hot sun, tons of fans and musicians shared the highs (and lows) of their Showcase experience in the Twitterverse and on Instagram using


. Read on for ten of our favorite WMS 2012 tweets from the crowd (and curious onlookers).

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10. Beards, tank tops and wristbands

9. Classy groupie

8. Gross?

7. Tits and trash

6. Confetti was literally everywhere

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5. Forgotten drugs

4. Worst pick-up line of the day award

3. Too old for Macklemore

2. I see white people

1. Not so favorite bands

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