Ten observations from the youngest person at Stephen Stills's packed Boulder show

10. Stephen Stills came to Boulder on Saturday. He talked about his busted knees and encouraged fiscal responsibility.

9. Stephen Stills is capable of a particular confluence of guitar chords and mythology reserved for songwriters born before, say, 1953. Maybe their stories have simply had the time to become indelible.

8. Stephen Stills was once waiting for Bill Clinton with Tony Bennett. He tells us Clinton was late, of course, as though we could possibly be in a position to ever be waiting for a personal visit from Bill Clinton. While they waited for him, Stills asked Bennett what the secret to longevity was, and Bennett said, "Don't be afraid to lower the key. And use a teleprompter."

7. Stephen Stills wrote "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," which is a mighty song, even transposed down a couple keys and even with a teleprompter. He can still use it to move asses from seats with propulsive force.

6. Stephen Stills spent February riding through the upper Midwest on his tour bus. When he looked out the windshield, he saw the first scene of Fargo, and he jokes that he considered firing his agent. Or maybe it wasn't a joke.

5. Stephen Stills refers to Bob Dylan as "old weird Bob." Before that, he was "middle-aged weird Bob" and before that, "Bob from northern Minnesota." These are all terms of endearment; Stills covers both "Girl from the North Country" and "Ballad of Hollis Brown."

4. Stephen Stills is one of eighteen people inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on two separate occasions, once for his work with Crosby, Stills and Nash and once for his work with Buffalo Springfield. One person has been so honored three times. Can you guess who it is?

3. Stephen Stills, one wildly unsubstantiated story goes, was once the type of person who would rather snort coke straight out of a thick carpet than let spilled coke go to waste.

2. Stephen Stills had prostate cancer in 2008. That must have been what he was talking about when he said on stage, "I found my voice again about five years ago." But you wouldn't know it. "Turns out I was allergic to alcohol," he said by way of a follow-up. "It makes my face red and turns me into an asshole."

1. Stephen Stills could take you.

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