Ten things to know about Caffeine -- the party, not the drug -- before you go this weekend

Last year, 7,000 people turned up for Caffeine, the springtime electronic music extravaganza at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield. Being grizzled party vets, we have some insight on what it takes to have a good time. Here's a list of ten things you need to know before you go. 10. Get There Earlier Than You Think You Should The lines to get in can be swamped due to the security checks and popularity of the event. Don't be a classic clubber and show up at 11:00pm -- get there by 9:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to avoid the crazy crush to enter. Trust: You'll thank us later. 9. Be Nice to the Law No matter what, be nice to the security guards/cops at the event. They're there to make sure everyone has a safe, good time -- and they're very nice and helpful if you're nice to them. 8. Cash It's faster and easier than a card, plus ATM fees are a waste of money. 7. Mentholatum This helps with the breathing when the masses surrounding you are sweating profusely and sharing your airspace... for six hours. 6. iPhone A crucial component that fits in your bra or your back pocket. If you don't film it and upload it instantly to Facebook, no one will believe you were actually there based on your hand held self portrait that's mostly forearm anyway. 5. Wear Dancing Shoes Ladies, this one is for you: Leave the four-inch heels at home and wear some comfy dancing shoes. One trick to dressing up those sneakers is to wear leg warmers over them and voila! Instant faboo, and your feet won't want to commit harikiri on you after walking around the massive venue/dancing till the wee hours. 4. Wear Your Halloween Costume from the Third Grade Though slightly out grown (applicable to some), your Winnie the Pooh outfit will help you fit right in with the ballerina to your left, and the fur-booted alien covered in paint to your right. 3. Have Fun This seems obvious, but be silly, smiley, happy, laughing attendees. That's what makes gigantor events like this a good time: the attitude of those going. If you're cranky, snooty, judgmental and oh so serious, maybe this isn't the event for you. 2. Do Not Bring a Big Bag Security at the 1STBANK doesn't allow these inside the building, so make sure your stuff fits into your pockets, or you'll be one of the embarrassed peeps turning around and trucking back to the car. Small little girly purses are okay though (sparkles encouraged).

1. Be Frugal Make your own costume! Pick up some fake fur remnants at the fabric store (you don't need much to make a black light-friendly bikini) and hit the dollar store for all of your accessory needs. From plastic and candy jewelry to day-glo barrettes and glow sticks, the penny-pinching joint is a gold mine of P.L.U.R.-friendly accouterments. This way you can save your money for other stuff once you get to Caffeine, like, uh, water. And remember, back rubs are free!

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