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Tennyson's Tap ramps up its live-music offerings

Since the two owners and the manager of Tennyson's Tap are all musicians, it's not surprising that this spot at 4335 West 38th Avenue has turned into a full-fledged music venue. After securing a cabaret license over the summer, owners Dave Fox (a drummer) and Bryan Duncan (a guitarist) have been ramping up their bookings to feature live entertainment seven nights a week.

"We're getting a lot more variety of people in here versus the locals who were coming in here every day," says manager Jarod Gregory, who's also a metal singer. "Now we're getting people who come in here who have seen the shows, and they come back because they like the environment."

For example, Thommy Knox and Moses Walker of the Clam Daddys, a blues act, play happy-hour sets at Tennyson's Tap from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays — but they like to hang out at the place even when they're not gigging. On a recent Wednesday, they stopped in at the Tap on their way to another gig. They probably visit the Tap more than they should, Walker admits.

Regular blues and jazz acts on tap at the Tap include Steve Crenshaw and David Booker. Laura Newman plays every Wednesday; Michael Hornbuckle hosts a Sunday-night blues jam, giving nearby Ziggie's (4923 West 38th Avenue), the city's oldest blues club, a run for its money. To round out the week's entertainment, the Tap hosts karaoke on Tuesdays and has started bringing in metal bands for Metal Mondays.

Club scout: After selling four of its bars — the College Inn, Gibby's, Dirk's and Pifler's — to the Little Pub Company last year, B.U.F.F. Brothers is rebuilding its lineup. In addition to FuNuGyz in Parker, which B.U.F.F. held on to through the deal, there's now the University of Colorado-themed Ralphie's in Louisville, as well as Noonan's Tavern, which opened in Aurora in March. And now the group has taken over the space at 1135 East Evans Avenue that most recently had been the horribly named Smugs and was Fagan's for decades before that. After buffing up the place, B.U.F.F. plans to reopen it in November as Boone's Tavern.

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