That's a Rap: Davey Boy remixes Britney Spears, Lokon Beatz gets funky, and more

These days, there seems to be more music than ever coming out of the Mile High City, from the hip-hop scene in particular. The masters have been hard at work, and the novices are on the come-up. This week, we've got a Britney Spears track remixed by Davey Boy, a reflective joint from Innerstate Ike, a funk driven track from newcomer Lokon Beatz, and a new joint from Young Doe. We're ready for rap take-off.

We've profiled the beat-battle winning, organized-noise making Davey Boy before, but here, he's outdone himself with a remix of Britney Spears' "Til the World Ends," which puts an extra musical pep in her step. Rising with a white hot techno rhythm line and building with D.Boy's typically precise style, this joint is more listenable than the original.

Innerstate Ike's Moolah Music is making its rounds on the scene, and one track that stands out in particular is the Mo Heat-produced "Tomorrow." A reflective track that features singer Bmore, "Tomorrow" is more subdued and thought provoking than up-tempo. It almost sounds like a hustler's lament, with Ike's lyrics eerily underscored by a haunting organ line.

At the other end of the spectrum entirely is Lokon Beatz. His joint, "Candy Paint Funk," is for the sentimental funk lover in you. With a hook that consists of "boom, bang, look what I swang," the track sounds like a cross between E-40 and Cameo. The vocals on the hook get a bit redundant, but Lokon rides that funky beat p out and reps to the fullest with a old school summertime type of vibe.

Young Doe, on the other hand, prepares ladies everywhere for his digital revolution with "Put Yo Ass On Video," a track produced by Scorp Dezel, a Colorado native and the newest member of Violator Management, and featuring Talent, a new voice on the scene. From a rap perspective, Doe is giving the ladies what they want, promising that he'll have 'em sweatin' in high-definition. Yo, word to Representative Weiner, digital sex is the new black.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.