That's a Rap: D'Girl premieres new video, Naeem Oba drops controversy-baiting track

This week in rap, we offer several different mediums as viable outlets of rap expression. First up, we've got a new video from D'Girl, the Gang Green International affiliate who thrives on spitting hard core rhymes with a pretty face. Naeem Oba, meanwhile, comes out swinging on track whose provocative title is sure to ruffle some feathers, and The Circle offers up a Stevie Wonder-inspired cut called "Paradise." A little something for everyone this week.

Let's just get this out of the way right off the bat: Not everyone is going to like the new video from D'Girl. A combination of hood rhymes, money, and mean-mugging from "boss bitches," D'Girl's interpretation of Waka Flocka's "Hard in the Paint" is meant to intimidate. The young star is flanked by several of her homegirls, as she gives a shout out to DJ Ktone, and boasts of how good she is with a "chopper" and "twin desert eagles." Translation? Act up, and she'll shoot ya. It's all in good fun, though. That face is far too pretty for bullet confrontations, it seems.

Naeem Oba, on the other hand is not kidding around with his latest track, provocatively titled "Nigger." The King Karnov-produced, controversy-baiting joint, which also features brikabrak, is not for the faint of heart. Straight out the gate, a clipped sample lets you know that no one is safe and we've all been lulled into a false sense of security. Oba then comes out swinging "live from the underside of your hierarchy" and takes aim at those who oppress and those who allow themselves to be oppressed. He's brilliant here, and brikabrak does what he does best, stringing together controversial samples augmenting Oba's delivery.

The Circle - "Paradise"

Rela Teone and Yello from The Circle have a completely different type of vibe and rap on their new cut, which sample Stevie Wonder's "You Will Know." Rela says he took the intro from the song, added some big drums and some softer instruments to make "Paradise." This song is custom built for the summertime. Lyrically, the rhymes are laid back and subdued, while Yello takes over on the hook. This joint is cool, calm and collected.

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