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The 2008 Presidential Election Campaign told as a '70s Rock Opera

The 2008 Presidential Election Campaign told as a '70s Rock Opera...

1. "The Pre-Primary Campaign (The System Boots)" - 0:23

    I. Front Runners - For upon these men and women the media shall rest its hopes. If chosen wrongly, we shall suffer. If chosen right, may the angels sing blessings upon the world.
2. "Primaries & Caucuses, Caucuses & Primaries" - 16:56
    I. Iowa - The decider of fates, the revolution begins with you, dear Iowa. Dear Iowa, you have decided our fate, it appears that we'll sit back and wait, we'll wait for another date. II. Texas and Ohio - McCain is now in the light, so stand up and fight you know we are right. III. Stripping Florida and Michigan* - Keyboard solo IV. April through June (The Dance of the Giant Hogweed) - Change is for freedom. Freedom. Change. Freedom. Change. Change. Change.
3. "Conventional Partiers throw a Party Convention" - 7:43
    I. Constitution and Libertarian (Slow and awful builds) II. Green (Handclaps and timeouts) III. Reform (Drum solo) IV. Democratic (Climax) V. Republican (and Surprise)
4. "The Running of Mates (VEEP-EM&WEAP)" - 3:25
    I. Biden - Brother to our Zeus, for Biden we shall yield, yield down to our Poseidon of the sea. II. Palin - Our Palin, penicillin to your needs. She is Robin to our Batman, she is here to save the day.
5. "A Lively Debate?" - 9:34
    I. O v M (Warm acoustic guitar) II. B v P (Mellotron solo) III. O v M (Interlude) IV. O v M (Start growing the Campaign Beards)
6. "Swinging States Like Pendulums" - 19:26
    I. Oh, Colorado - Counting on a state with four right angles. II. It's True That Florida Matters - Black Matter/Real Fodder. III. Michi-Can - And will decide.

*Theremin accompaniment thanks to Roberta McCain.

All Music Composed By: CAMPAIGN 2008 Played By: The '08 Players. Barrack Obama: Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Flute, Vibes, Vocals John McCain: Bass, Guitar, Maverick, Vocals Sarah Palin: Guitars, Vocals backing Joe Biden: Drums, Lead vocal on "Michi-Can"

Guests: Mike Huckabee: Bass on "Front Runners" Rudolph Giuliani: Conga Drums on "Stripping Florida and Michigan" Mitt Romney: Percussion on "April through June" Hillary Clinton: Flute and Backing Vocals on "April through June" John Edwards: Trombone and Tenor Sax on "Vice-President's Named" Vocal Choir on "Swinging States Like Pendulums": Chris Dodd, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Fred Thompson Tommy Thompson, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Charles Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, Alan Keyes, Gloria La Riva, Brian Moore

--Thorin Klosowski

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