The 25 coolest Iron Maiden T-shirts we saw last night at Comfort Dental Amphitheatre

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Few things are lamer in music than seeing a dude in a band rocking his own group's T-shirt, especially on stage. This cringe-inducing display defies the unwritten rules of rock. The members of Iron Maiden, however, get a lifetime pass. For starters, the guys have maintained a cool factor over decades that's immeasurable. What's more, the outfit's T-shirts are the most laudable and iconic of any rock band this side of maybe Slayer. With that in mind, we sent out resident metal-head photographer Brandon Marshall in search of the coolest Maiden tees he could find last night at Comfort Dental. Not only was he up for the task, but he did one better and came back with designs that were just two short of representing the entire discography.

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Dave Herrera
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