The best EDM in Denver this weekend

DERRICK CARTER @ NORAD | FRI, 8/23/13 When fans of house music talk about Derrick Carter, they use words that might seem hyperbolic to those not in the know -- words like "legendary." But the truth is, every superlative that's used to describe the man is wholly appropriate. At age nine, he was already mixing tunes at family reunions, and he went on to help shape the Chicago house scene in the 1990s. What's more, Carter shows no signs of having lost his touch over the decades; to this day, he's highly respected all over the planet as an underground house icon. His signature sound draws from funk and soul roots; it's bold and brash and beautiful, and he's equally known for his impeccable production work. You simply haven't experienced dance music until you've heard Derrick Carter spin a set live.

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PROJECT ASPECT @ AGGIE THEATER | SAT, 8/24/13 Jay Jaramillo, better known for the music he makes as Project Aspect, is a festival veteran, with appearances at Sonic Bloom and Wakarusa. Influenced by the likes of Glitch Mob, VibeSquaD and Spork, Jaramillo began toying with the idea of electronic production under the name Project Aspect five years ago, after attending a Sound Tribe Sector 9 show and after-party. Since then, the producer, a co-founder of the Mile High Sound Movement, has built up a good deal of momentum in the scene for both himself and his crew, earning a spot as a go-to opener for acts like PANTyRAiD and STS9, whose 1320 Records imprint has issued three Project Aspect releases -- two original scores and one remix album -- in the past year and a half. Catch Project Aspect with Samples and Raw Russ. -- Britt Chester

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