The best EDM shows in Denver in February

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FRI | MICHAL MENERT, WINTER WARMER at FILLMORE | 2/14 Since dropping his debut solo album Dreaming of a Bigger Life, Michal Menert has been steadily touring the country building a grassroots following in the same way Derek Vincent Smith of Pretty Lights did when he first hit the scene. Menert has won fans over with his galactic spaced-out grooves, which draw heavy influence from the golden eras of soul, funk and hip-hop, and he's proven he can move a massive room. On the heels of a great show at the venue this past November, Menert returns to the Fillmore for the Winter Warmer with the Polish Ambassador, Mikey Thunder, Late Night Radio, Krooked Drivers.

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THU | WINTER WARMER PRE-PARTY at CERVANTES' | 2/13/14 Previously, this was a two-night event at the Denver Marriot Tech Center, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that has all changed. Wick-It the Instigator will now kick off the pre-party alongside RumTum, Samples, Lotus Drops and 2Nutz at Cervantes'. Tickets dropped down to only $10, which means you don't need to skimp on the big V-Day bash you'd better have planned for the following night.

SAT | ARTOPIA 2014 at VARIOUS GOLDEN TRIANGLE VENUES | 2/22/14 Artopia is always a blast, and this year's lineup includes a cornucopia of producers handpicked from the local scene, including Pruitt, Mikey Thunder, Decadon, Lotus Drops, Pan Astral and much more. It's basically a showcase of local talent that is making big moves. Oh, and did we mention that there will be a ton of food and art? You don't want to miss this.

FRI | YOUNGSTA & TRUTH at BETA | 2/7/14 Hailing from the Deep Medi label, Truth will be playing alongside fellow dubstep pioneer Youngsta. Both acts take things into a region of sound not often heard on sound systems. This isn't just standard, run-of-the-mill dubstep that you think you heard on a movie teaser; this is dubstep as it's heard in sweaty rooms around the world that know the Truth.

THU | WOLFGANG GARTNER at BETA | 2/13/14 Wolfgang Gartner has a knack for hypnotizing audiences all over the world with his masterful mixing, composing, and production. You don't chalk up eight number-one hits on Beatport electro-house charts just because you're cranking out tunes. You earn that by cranking out absolute banger tracks that consistently prove you have a firm grasp on what makes the masses move. Gartner has absolutely no problem there.


It's hard to believe that Sub.mission has been throwing E-Tuesdays for three years now, but that's exactly how long it's been. To commemorate this mile marker, the Sub.mission crew has teamed up with Mile High Sound Movement to showcase more new talent, which has essentially become a hallmark of the night. With the Mile High Sound Movement maestros deconstructing songs via Ableton all night, you can bet this anniversary will be one to remember.


While plenty of acts get filed under EDM, the music Bluetech creates is more what you'd call ADM -- Atmospheric Dance Music. His sets are always on point; they'd provide the perfect soundtrack for those dreams where you're always flying. The music is deep, never delving too far into the high BPMs, and always filled with delightful sounds and blips. It's different, that's for sure, and definitely something that will have you feverishly searching for more of his studio cuts when you leave the show.


MartyParty is the chosen moniker of Marty Folb, a South African-by-way-of-New York artist who has been simultaneously building his name in the EDM world with PantyRaid, another project in which he tours with Ooah from the Glitch Mob. Whatever the project, MartyParty is making all the right moves, with music that's ahead of the curve, unique sounds propelled by spectacular song structures and infused with enough bass to separate paint from the plaster.

WED | SMOG TOUR: 12TH PLANET PLUS GUESTS at BLUEBIRD | 2/19/14 John Dadzie, the orbital center of Los Angeles' dubstep galaxy known as SMOG, is the mastermind behind 12th Planet. Transitioning from drum-and-bass to dubstep seems to be a natural course for producers in the past few years, and Dadzie has been at the forefront of that movement's progression.

SAT | ANA SIA at FOX THEATRE | 2/22/14 It wasn't all that long ago that Ana Sia was hustling around a kitchen, preparing delicious recipes for a living, and cooking up grimy bass music was merely a hobby. After being flown out for her first gig, though, she decided it was time to focus her full energy and attention on her music. Playing festivals around the world in recent years, Sia has cultivated a career that has placed her in the deepest pockets of dance music around the globe.

FRI | HOT SINCE 82 at NORAD | 2/14/14 We already know that the U.K. has a great house scene, so it's no surprise that Hot Since 82 is from Leeds. House music can get a little repetitive, but Hot Since 82 keeps adding loops over and over again that don't go noticed until they are gone. The best producers can seamlessly mix in and out of tracks, and Hot Since 82 manages to do that within a three-minute track.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.