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The "Black and Yellow" Nuggets remixes, rated

Like every other athletic team in America, the Nuggets have plenty of fan tribute remixes of Wiz Khalifa's unlikely jock jam "Black and Yellow." Sports, in general, attracts some truly horrific rap remixes, and this song has seen some real abuse in the ill-advised hands of fans. There are, however, some competent remixes and even some good ones. We've picked five from both ends of the spectrum and rated them on a scale of one to five Nuggets logos.

Rapper: The X-Man Good confidence, and we like the hook, but the flow here is almost as awkward as the punch lines ("You might as well tell the opponents to have a safe flight).

Rapper: Shakespeare Bonus points for completeness -- every Nugget gets a line, and most of them land pretty well. This one's the most natural sounding "Blue and Yellow" remix out there.

Rapper: Sharad Desai Let's not pile on, here.

Rapper: Haqq Producer: D-Raw No coattail riding here (or less, anyway), with an original production. Solid hook and by far the most creative lyrics, but what makes this one the best is that it actually makes us excited about the team. (Even the new-look, sans Melo and Chauncey version).

Rapper: MVeeZy We'd actually say this one bears the most resemblance to the original -- partly that's a stylistic thing, a kindred rapping spirit, but it also just owes most of its best moments to Wiz's hit.
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