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The Bronx

Hype can seemingly turn a mediocre band into a great band, and a great band into the new savior of rock. Take L.A.'s the Bronx, for example. Still touring behind their critically acclaimed 2003 debut, the band's members are doing their best to live up to raves that referred to them as the realest rockers since the Stones (or the Stooges, depending on whom you ask), even as they buy time before the inevitable sophomore fall from grace. In reality, the Bronx is simply a talented, gritty, politically aware punk juggernaut that makes high-octane rock with all the attitude and twice the intelligence of a biker-bar bouncer. If the '69 Stooges and '89-era Ian MacKaye made a record in '77 London, it might sound just like this -- grimy, passionate and raw, with well-honed instrumental and songwriting chops. That doesn't mean the Bronx will save rock and roll; it just means the music is good. And that's enough.
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Eryc Eyl
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