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The Bronx

The last time the Bronx played at the Larimer Lounge, singer Matt Caughthran rode up to the stage on a motorcycle, nearly running over the capacity crowd. Although the same can't be promised for this return trip, the band's high-energy, cutthroat punk should make the show dangerous nonetheless. The Bronx recalls acts like the Refused and Gallows, with none of the pretense and most of the bombast. Led by Caughthran, whose bloodcurdling, throat-shredding screams are somehow always in tune, the group can seem harmless and playful at times (it's slated to release a mariachi album under the name El Bronx), then positively menacing the next, spouting off lines like "Motherfucker, I want your blood!"

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Andy Thomas is a music journalist who hopes other music journalists write nice things about the music he performs. He lives in Denver with his wife, their two cats and a massive pile of unfinished projects.
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