The Brotherhood of Dae Han Breaks Up

On the Brotherhood of Dae Han’s MySpace page, there’s a picture of the guys standing on the front lawn of a mammoth house with cans of gasoline in their hands and their backs to the camera. The house is engulfed in flames, and the fellas are just watching it burn. That picture now seems sadly and metaphorically prescient with respect to the Fort Collins-based act's trajectory. Last night at the hi-dive, I picked up a flyer from Comeback Records listing a bunch of upcoming shows. One date in particular immediate caught my eye. Saturday, February 2. That’s when the Brotherhood of Dae Han, one of the best new bands to emerge in the past year, will be playing its last show ever at the Aggie.

Naw, couldn’t be, I thought. Must be a misprint. But alas, it’s not. In less than a month, the Brotherhood will indeed be pushing daisies.

“With heavy hearts we regret to inform you that The Brotherhood of Dae Han is breaking up,” reads a blog posted on the band’s MySpace page yesterday. “It has been an amazing two years for the five of us, and we hope that you all have enjoyed our journey even a tad as much as we have. We had our fair share of successes and setbacks, but certain goals were not met within our timeframe. Basically, we have run out of steam. All interpersonal relationships within the band are fully intact, and we are being totally supportive of one another as each member plans his next move in life. Some of us will continue making music, and some of us will pursue other meaningful endeavors.”

Rest in peace, brethren. -- Dave Herrera

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.