The Chain Gang of 1974 drops free remix album tomorrow

Later today, in an effort to thank fans and to tide them over until the upcoming full-length is released in January, the Chain Gang of 1974 will be posting a new album for free download on its MySpace page. Guerilla, as it's been titled, is comprised of b-sides, remixes and also features "F'n Head," a track from the new as-yet-titled record. The outfit, led by Kamtin Mohager, is playing tonight at the Marquis Theater, opening for the Epilogues and the Photo Atlas. See the full track listing after the jump.


1. We At The Disco
2. The Clothes I Wear Make Me Good Looking (ft. 3OH!3)
3. F'n Head (Psychedelia Version - Isom Innes Mix)
4. The Bloody Beetroots vs The Chain Gang Of 1974 (Christophe Eagleton Mash-Up)
5. We At The Disco (Southern Belle Remix)
6. We At The Disco (Satan's Eighties Lovechild Remix)
7. A Fashion Renegade Speaks (Christophe Eagleton Remix)
8. We At The Disco (Double Dragon Remix)
9. Foals vs The Chain Gang Of 1974 (The Hood Internet Mash-Up)
10. Phoenix - 1901 (TCGO1974/Christophe Eagleton Remix)

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