The Cool Kids at Bar Standard, 10/30/10

With Air Dubai • DJ Wushu • Shor-T • CobraConda
10.30.10 | Bar Standard
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On Saturday night, Bar Standard hosted a parade of ghouls, Gagas, rock stars and Cool Kids -- er, make that The Cool Kids. The doors opened at Bar Standard just as the line was stretching down to the Living Room, and, conveniently, just as a wedding party of cross-dressers piled out of a stretch limousine. DJ Wushu (aka Elliot Oveson), who kept things going in between acts, sported a light-up T-shirt that blasted a colorful display every time he let a beat drop.

As Wushu mixed and mashed every dance, electronic and hip-hop song you've heard for the past ten years, the dance floor filled up with every mixed and mashed celebrity outfit available for purchase. There was the ShakeWeight guy walking around air masturbating at every possible chance, the gaggle of Lady Gagas, each sporting a different version of her myriad looks. There were several differing versions of Ziggy Stardust, all with lightening bolt painted faces.

Gotta love Halloween.

The room seemed half full as Air Dubai took to the stage, but filled quickly as they grooved through the first two songs. Once the band broke into "Weekends," a smoothed-out track, the club was jumping with Jon Shockness and Julian Thomas displaying some notably dynamic stage presence. Amidst the masks and make-up, Wesley Watkins sported his best impersonation of 007 bad guy Baron Samedi while blasting note after note from his trumpet and this vintage mike.

CobraConda walked out shortly after Air Dubai cleared their gear and offered up a short set of screaming raps. At first, the dudes were wearing some ski masks, but the heat must have gotten unbearable and they were quickly removed. The duo kept the crowd moving for a bit, but that dwindled as people realized there were more drinks to have and cigarettes to smoke before the big show.

P.J. the D.J., the official DJ of The Cool Kids, flew in from LA for this show and brought with him a eclectic list of tracks to give Denver a little taste of what's to come in the future. Antoine "Sir Michael Rocks" Reed and Evan "Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll took to the stage shortly after the clock officially set Halloween in motion. Coming off the recent release of their mix tape, TackleBox, (available for free at www.CoolxKids.Com), The Cool Kids played through "Gold and a Pager" and "Pennies," before unleashing the classic "Cooler Than That Guy."

At the last second, the outfit decided to play a new unreleased song that prompted Chuck Inglish to announce everyone to pull their cell phones and "post this shit to YouTube". Sure enough, camera phones came out and there are sure to be several different angles posted soon. The set ended with the viral smash "Black Mags," at which point, the Cool Kids retired to VIP. Check it.

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK Personal Bias: I love Air Dubai: The music, their shows, their talent, and especially the way they look like they have fun at every performance. Watching people who love what they do makes a show much more enjoyable. By The Way: The Cool Kids are also in the talks for tracking a new video game developed by Denver based IllFonics. More to come on that... Random Detail: Shor-T played the roof top while Company of Artists did some live art. I love Halloween.


The Cool Kids 10.30.10 | Bar Standard Denver, CO

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.