The Deadbeat Club is back

The Deadbeat Club has been revived. But this new Deadbeat Club is not the iconic venue that Regas Christou ran at 4040 East Evans Avenue in the '90s. After he gave up the venue in the early 2000s, it went through several owners and incarnations. When Steve Lyons and his wife took over the space in May 2008, they dubbed it Skin, then changed the name to Posh Ultra Lounge, then Club Next. And on New Year's Eve, they changed the name again: to Deadbeat Club.

According to Keith Sneddon, the club's manager, the Lyonses wanted to keep the Deadbeat moniker from the start, but Christou kept renewing the name with the Colorado Secretary of State. But then someone in Christou's organization forgot to re-register the name, he says, so the Lyonses took it over.

"We're not going to quite go back to the same concept Regas was doing because the club's too open to do three or four different kinds of music now," Sneddon says. "Where there were walls before there aren't now."

The inside of the club was completely overhauled last year. Walls were knocked down, and all of the floors except the dance floor were redone. The owners brought in new furniture, lighting and a sound system; they also increased the size of the patio and installed cabanas outside. Where there once were multiple bars, there's now only one upstairs, on the east side of the venue.

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