The Denver Boot: Hot IQs final show at Larimer Lounge

Without question, Hot IQs, which took the stage for the last time this past weekend at the Larimer Lounge, made its mark on the Mile High City and will be sorely missed. Starting life as the Royal We, the outfit grew ably into its own as songwriters and left us with a slew of outstanding songs, from "Firecracker" to "Duck and Cover" to "Iggy Pop" to "Houndstooth," just to name a few. Those who attended the act's farewell show at the Bluebird this past June were treated to exhilarating renditions of those favorites. For this their final performance, though, Eli Mishkin, Bryan Feuchtinger and Elaine Acosta switched things up and treated the crowd to a set of covers from the bands that had the biggest impact on them over the years. Missed it, or just want to relive it in the comfort of your cube? No worries. Our faithful friend, Lance Stack from the Flat Response, captured the whole thing in its entirety and has graciously blessed us with the links for this week's Denver Boot. Enjoy!

Hot IQs "Final, Final" show
8.02.2009 - Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO

1. Shady Lane [Pavement]
2. Elevate Me Later [Pavement]
3. Maybe Baby [Buddy Holly]
4. Psycho [The Sonics]
5. Web in Front [Archers of Loaf]
6. Honk If You're Lonely [Silver Jews]
7. A Pillar of Salt [The Thermals]
8. I Think I Need a New Heart [Magnetic Fields]
9. (storytelling #1)
10.Queen Bitch [David Bowie] (w/ Rob Burleson on drums)
11. Houndstooth (Release the Hounds)
12. Elephant in White
13. (storytelling #2)
14. Duck and Cover
15. Firecracker
16. Iggy Pop (w/ the crowd on stage)

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.