The Denver Boot: Houses - 03.20.09

Okay, so before we call it a week and go crack a cold one and lend an ear to some of the finest music this city has to offer, as promised, we're leaving you with the recordings from Houses' last appearance at the hi-dive a couple of months ago, to give you a taste of what you're in for tonight -- assuming, of course, this is your first introduction to the band. We were there for this particular set, and can attest that it was every bit as good as it sounds on these recordings (graciously made available by Lance Stark from the FlatResponse.com). We predict that "Fair Weather," a track which is slated to appear on the outfit's forthcoming "Summer" EP, is going to be the feel good hit of the, well, summer. You know the drill ...click, click, click. Off you go. After the jump and all that. Have a weekend!

03/20/09 - the hi-dive

1. Crossing the North Sea
2. Fair Weather
3. We're Alright
4. Rainy Day Parade
5. Circles and Squares
6. Red Feather
7. untitled (Hangman's Noose)

A zipfile of mp3s is available here.
FLAC files are available on dime.

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