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The Dropskots

As if the title of the Dropskots' new full-length, More Seriouslyer, weren't a tipoff, the band makes no bones about the fact that it has a sense of humor about itself and its music. But there's a telltale, shit-colored lining to the outfit's bright goof-punk. The album's standout track, "Miseria," is an unabashed NOFX-esque pop-punk anthem that winds up feeling more than miserable with the inclusion of deliciously hopeless lyrics, an acoustic-guitar breakdown and a minor-key mood that makes the song's aggression feel painfully ingrown. Despite titles like "Walking for Poontang," the rest of the disc keeps the vibe heartbroken and desperate. As promised, there is indeed a bleak, soul-blotting cloud hanging over More Seriouslyer; thankfully, though, the Dropskots' melody and velocity glow in the dark.

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Jason Heller
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