The drunken insanity of LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls"

If you don't like LCD Soundsystem, the new song "Drunk Girls" probably isn't going to change your mind -- it's the same kind of shouty, indie dance thing he's been doing since the beginning. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch the video embedded above. To the contrary, if you always wanted to see LCD main man James Murphy take a heap of abuse, this is your chance.

Channeling the zeitgeist of the Internet, which loves a good video of people being beat up, drunkenly molested and getting hit in the face with things, Murphy seems to have hired a bunch of people to put on panda suits and just go nuts on him and his friends. People are stripped mostly naked, hit with eggs, duct-taped, covered in grotesque makeup, assaulted with fireworks and more. It's like a hybrid of every early '80s MTV video ever (look, it's dudes from the band dancing around being silly!) and every cruel yet hilarious YouTube video ever (look, it's a guy getting hit in the nuts with a soccer ball!).

And it is awesome.

Bravo, Mr. Murphy, for creating a great video that both your fans and haters can get 100 percent behind. You win the Internet this time.

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