The Eight Denver Bands That Should Break Nationally — 2016 Edition

The music business is a cruel mistress. There’s rarely rhyme or reason as to who gets the few-and-far-between big-money deals — even among worthy artists who are more than ready for a bigger spotlight. If there were justice, then the following eight talented local bands would be as adored nationally or internationally as they are here.

8. Call of the Void
Signed to Relapse Records, these sludgy, nasty metalers have every chance of grabbing hold of the ears of America’s underground heavy-music fans. Yes, the sound isn’t for everyone. They’re not going to be on mainstream radio anytime soon. But the national (and international, for that matter) metal fan base is loyal and persistent. They don’t give a rat’s crap about trends. Not a bad bunch to latch onto for the future.

7. Hydraform
Progressive hard-rock band Hydraform wants to take over the world, which it believes is dominated by hippies and dubstep. Fine. We think they could find enough like-minded listeners out there — as long as they like hard rock, too.

6. Land Lines
Any band that describes itself as “music for cats” is all right by us. Not only does Land Lines create music that felines are more than likely to lap up, but it’s contemporary and accessible enough that human music fans should jump on board as well. Land Lines have hit the bulls-eye with this incarnation: beautifully moody, orchestral music that, on a national scale, fans of Florence & the Machine would love.

5. Plastic Daggers
The duo of Keaton Kidder and Jordan Palmer have tried to find suitable bandmates to round out their raucous rock-and-roll troupe, but they’ve been left disappointed time and time again. So what do you do? Fuck it: Like Fleetwood Mac said, you can go your own way. They don’t need anybody else; as a two-piece, they’re making enough uncompromising noise to match bands with way more members. And the thing with being uncompromising is, you don’t have to compromise.

Read on for four more Denver bands that should break nationally in 2016.
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