The Epilogues jump on Kickstarter bandwagon, offer to take you to Casa Bonita with them

The Epilogues are filming a video, and the band needs your help. Through kickerstarter.com, the dudes are hoping to raise $4K -- $1,390 of which they still need to come up with in the next five days -- to cover the cost of production, cast, crew and the like for the upcoming single, "The Fallout," with any remaining money going toward the recording of the band's third album.

The Kickstarter approach definitely isn't a new one, and the Epilogues are well aware of this and have sweetened the deal by offering over two dozen prizes for each level of donation.

With a pledge of just five bucks, fans will get access to a downloadable version of "The Fallout" music video before public release. From there, rewards range from a trip to Casa Bonita with the band (local fans only) to an all-expenses-paid trip to South by Southwest in March with The Epilogues. Or, for just $10 bucks, you can send the band your photo and it will hang in their practice space, where they promise to "think of you every time we practice."

Aww, how cute!

Watch and learn more as the Epilogues uncomfortably but sweetly read off cue cards about the upcoming "Fallout" video.

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