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The Ettes

Wiping her nose on her sleeve, spitting a lung cookie into the crowd and grabbing the microphone stand with equal parts disgust and delight, Coco -- the uni-monikered lead singer and guitarist for garage-punk power trio the Ettes -- rocks the front of the stage like the demon seed of Iggy Pop and Courtney Love. Drummer Poni and bassist Jem help their homegirl travel through both time (from '60s nuggets to '70s punk to '90s grrrl power) and space (from Detroit to Williamsburg to London) while bringing along their best sneers and locked-down grooves. And just when things start to get a little bellicose, the threesome knows just how to kick in a childlike rhythm, a winsome lyrical turn or a hummable, huggable melody, giving you time to catch your breath and wipe that tear -- or that loogie -- out of your eye.
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Eryc Eyl
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