The five best local musical missed connections on Craigslist, illustrated for your amusement

The Ogden. 3/1 (Denver) This is for the guy with the long hair at the Griz show near the bar. I don't know who you are but the odor that was emitting from your hair was horrendous. I can't not even begin to explain how bad you smell. This wasn't just a few days without washing your hair, this was almost as if you straigtened your greasy locks with two hot, spoiled onions. It usually doesn't bother me if someone smells but the fact that your proceeded to whip your hair around like an idiot caused the smell to woft to three innocent bystanders (my friends and I). So I beg of you, please shower, shave or head, or do something to reduce the musty scent of your hair as that should be a crime against humanity.

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Gorgeous Girl from Global Music Festival 2010 - m4w (RedRocks) I know its along shot, and it has been a long time. But i visited denver to goto Global Electronic Music Festival in 2010 from Canada. I had a Orange shirt with a blue hand that had an eye in the middle of it. You came up and asked me if i wanted a dip, and if i wanted to make out. I couldnt at the time because i was there with someone, but believe me i wanted to more than anything...and looking back i should have. You were so gorgeous about 5'4 with dark long hair. I was pretty high at the time and we talked only for alittle bit, but for some reason i always look back at that moment and think that i missed out on the girl of my dreams. Maybe its a long shot who knows, but i figured why not. If you're out there, id like to say wassup.

Girl in Blue at Beta 2/15 - m4w - 27 (Denver) I thought you had the best moves on the floor friday night. I danced for a while behind you and tried to initiate a little contact, but didn't want to grind on you because you were gettin down! You had black hair and a blue top, dancing on the right side most of the night. There's nothing sexier in my book then a girl that gets down to dnb. Email me if you'd like to get together and go to a show together

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Summit Music Hall- Testament show - w4m (C'est la vie...) Handsome young guy tending the order counter at Marquis Pizza: You had: gray t-shirt, pierced ears with black plugs(1/2"?), short dark brown hair. First noticed you as you were wiping a counter just a few steps away from me. It took me by surprise... the way I was moved by your presence. Felt an immense attraction for you. It was one of those: wow! moments. Was compelled to tell you but realized respect comes first. Looked your way but only occasionally because another guy thought my attention was directed at him. And... because you caught me a couple of times! I felt puerile... been years since my interest has been stirred so abruptly. I'm not expecting you to peruse around silly CL personal adds nor do I ask for a reply if you actually read it. A compliment can do wonders and that is my only intention.

A Public Apology - m4m - 38 (Downtown) You invited my friend and me to an after party when you saw us at Tracks. We said yes but I'd had too much to drink and was a shit-show guest. I apologize, as everyone was very friendly and we had a great time. I'm very sorry for the way I behaved. It won't happen again.

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