The Fluid at Westword Music Showcase, 6.13.09

It's been just nearly two weeks since the fifteenth annual Westword Music Showcase wrapped. By now, you've read all the coverage, checked out all the photos and downloaded all of the free MP3s. Right now, as we're gearing up for the awards ceremony, which will be taking place in the next few weeks (we're working out the details as we speak and will fill you in on the where and when as soon as things have been solidified), we thought we'd give you the chance to relive a few more highlights, specifically, this fantastic set from the Fluid. As you'll hear from the audio our buddy Lance Stark captured, despite a torrential downpour that took place during its set, one of Denver's most revered acts rocked the living daylights out of the Golden Triangle. Download the set after the jump.

The Fluid
Westword Music Showcase

1. Intro / Soundcheck
2. Is It Day?
3. Black Glove
4. Musical Chairs
5. Saccharine Rejection
6. Cold Outside
7. [weather break] *
8. Big Brother
9. Preacher Man Blues
10. Fool's Rule
11. It's My Time
12. Hooked
13. Human Mill
14. Our Love Will Still Be There
15. Candy
16. Goin' Away

Notes: Rain and hail persisted throughout the performance (which you can hear hitting the umbrella). * = The show was stopped for a few minutes due to band members getting shocked. Other miscellaneous sound problems during the first song.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.