The Fluid Reunites and Bad Weather California Backs Daniel Johnston

File under: Fuck yeah! Although rumors have been swirling for a while now, it's official: The five original members of the Fluid are getting back together for three shows, two back-to-back performances at Seattle's Marymoor Park for Sub-Pop's 20th Anniversary Festival on July 12 and 13, and one a few weeks earlier at the Bluebird Theater on Friday, June 20!

Those of you who weren't around to catch these cats the first time, you may not understand why this is beyond a big deal. I was one of the lucky ones, thanks to, of all people, my high school English teacher, Mrs. Bischoff, who casually made mention of her son's band one day during class. After a quick trip to Wax Trax, I was hooked. (Thanks, Mrs. Bischoff!) Anyhow, trust me on this one, this a once in a lifetime chance to see some living legends.

Speaking of rare opportunities involving living legends, we also just received word that Roger Green and Bad Weather California will be serving as the backing band for the one and only Daniel Johnston this Saturday night at the Bluebird. Talk about once in a lifetime. Holy crap.

-- Dave Herrera

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