The Fray does Fallon, skips Kanye cover

The Fray, this nifty little pop band from Denver, dropped in on Jimmy Fallon's soon-to-be-short-lived late-night show on Thursday to play a little ditty. If you were reading the Tweets of Fallon's house-band leader ?uest Love, you probably expected Isaac and Co. to play their bizarre cover of Kanye West's "Heartless." They did it in rehearsal, apparently, and "isaac of the fray got Ye's 'tawwwwk' from heartless right!" But when it came down to it, the band hit 'em with their new single, "Never Say Never." Probably a good idea, because that "Heartless" cover? Brutal.

Watch the performance above. I've mercilessly forwarded it to right before the band starts, lest you be exposed to any of Fallon's jokes.


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